• John Carlow


When it comes to looking and feeling good, posture can have a huge impact. Here's why...

The shape of your spine develops from a simple curve at birth into a shallow S shape as we learn to crawl and finally walk. The two curves of the spine are known as the thoracic curve and the lumber curve. Over time, they can be significantly distorted, causing awkward posture and increasing the risk of spinal injury.

These distortions are caused by the way in which we live. Working long hours seated in front of VDUs and overeating can cause your body to be significantly reshaped, making you hunched or exaggerating the appearance of increased body fat.

Kyphosis is an excessive curvature of the thoracic spine and can be caused by hunching over a desk.

Lordosis is an excessive curvature of the lumbar spine which forces you to stick your bum and belly out. This is caused because abdominal obesity moves the body's centre of gravity forward and so the body compensates by tilting the hips forward, pushing the belly out.

The right kind of training can help to correct these abnormal postures and will help you to stand taller and appear less overweight. At Rock Hard Bodies the evaluation and correction of posture forms part of all our programmes and and postural issues should be identified during your consultation.

If you think you might benefit then book your free consultation today!

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