• John Carlow


I recommend karate to everyone. People of all ages and levels of fitness can benefit from karate training but what is so special about it?

Here are a few reasons you should give karate a try.

1. Karate promotes confidence - Because karate is a martial art, learning to block, kick and punch can give students a feeling of physical confidence that other exercise regimes seldom impart. Knowing that you stand a better chance of defending yourself if attacked can help you to feel more at home in the world.

2. Karate incorporates both low and high intensity training - Few things drive on ones fitness than karate classes. Fast twitch techniques like kicking and punching as well as performing Kata can rocket up your heart rate and push you into lactic training zones helping to burn fat while, conversely, holding stance and keeping your arms up can help to promote muscle tone in a similar way to isometric training like pilates.

3. Traditional Karate training actively promotes flexibility - Very few of us work hard enough to develop and maintain our flexibility throughout life but karate places a great focus on static, dynamic and even ballistic stretching to help improve martial arts technique. The benefits of good flexibility, especially in later life, are enormous.

I incorporate certain martial arts techniques in to my PT sessions but I am also a karate instructor in my own right. If you would be interested in Karate classes drop me an email for more information.

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