• John Carlow

Repetition is the Mother of Success

You get up early and have a healthy breakfast before work. You go for a walk at lunchtime. You eat sensibly during the day and avoid snacking. You go to the gym after work. Your dinner is on plan. You go to bed nice and early...

What could be better. The perfect day. You win.

You do the same thing again the next day...

...and the day after...

...and the day after...

...and the day after...

BUT.... all your fitness and diet plans will come to nothing if you go six days perfectly on plan but then on the seventh day, lose the plot and drink seven pints (at at least 200 kcals per drink that's probably about 1500 kcals) and then eat a 5000 kcal takeaway (A large Domino's Pizza, a couple of sides and dips and a 2 litre bottle of coke and you're in the ball park)

The gains you get from exercise will not be "undone" but the cumulative calorie deficit you created by cutting your calorie intake by 500 calories a day will be smashed to pieces. Put simply, you can't eat well and exercise for a few days, go wild at the weekend and still expect to get any results.

Consistency is more important than severity. Repeating the same broadly positive behaviours again and again until they becomes second nature, is better than starving yourself or over training in the short term. If you try to get a quick fix by implementing a regime that is too harsh you'll quickly end up falling off the wagon.

The only solution is to set goals for yourself that are both achievable and sustainable. Be kind to yourself: gradually implement changes, don't starve yourself, don't start extreme training plans (at least not on week one!) and one day at a time you will programme yourself so that your healthy lifestyle becomes your natural state. Remember, this is all supposed to enhance your life, not make you miserable.

If you want help doing this then get in touch today. Rock Hard Bodies has a plan to suit everyone and you could even start your training success story in your own home with my mobile training services.

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