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Accountability is very important when it comes to dieting and exercise or any kind of self improvement.

The world is absolutely full of petty irritations and stress and it is very easy to use the daily grind as an excuse not to go to the gym and to order takeaways and generally not look after ourselves.

At the end of the day, though, the only person who can really make a difference in your life, for better or worse, is you. You make the decisions, you decide to get up and go to work, you decide to go to, or skip, the gym.

If things go well we'll happily take credit so when things go wrong it's important to avoid the temptation to pretend that the way we choose to react to the strain of daily life is somehow out of our control especially when there's every chance that our own actions are the cause of our stress.

Accountability means taking responsibility when you make a bad decision, fail to do what you set out to do or don't foresee the consequences of your actions. Good intentions count for very little, it's not the thought that counts but your deliberate actions that make real change possible.

If you can't accept responsibility you can't avoid the same pitfalls in future because you won't believe they were your fault. A failure to embrace accountability locks us in a cycle of failure because how can we take control if we persist in denying that events were ever in our power?

Missing the bus or train, having a bad day at work, getting stuck in traffic, forgetting to take lunch, not getting promoted, drinking too much, eating badly, are these symptoms or causes?

Do yourself a favour and accept that everything that goes wrong in your life is at least, in some part, your fault but instead of letting that get you down, think about how you can do better next time.

In the modern world many people are pathologically unable to accept their own role in their personal failures. Don't be one of them. Be accountable and change your life for the better.

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