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Friends, Colleagues and your Significant other... Your best chance for dieting success.

Many of us cohabit with a significant other or housemate, socialise with friends, and share a space during the day with colleagues. If you want your diet and exercise plans to succeed then how you interact with others will be critical.

Your Significant Other

You will find it extremely difficult to implement a healthy eating plan without the support of your significant other. If you want to eat salad and chicken and they want to eat chips and burgers then you may have to face cooking two dishes for the same meal or not eating together at all.

If you have lived with a partner for any significant length of time chances are that if you are overweight or unfit then they will be too. You will have fallen into the same lifestyle habits. Recruiting your partner might be as simple as explaining to them that they stand to gain the same benefits as you if they cooperate. If it's a hard sell you may need to explain to your partner that you will be much happier if you can achieve better health and fitness and that you want them to support you.

If you are single then perhaps you find the challenge to be cooking at all as cooking for one can feel like an unnecessary effort when ready meals and takeaways are readily and cheaply available. On your own you can choose whatever you want which can be both a blessing and a curse. If you can eat with friends who are also trying to eat better then you may improve your chances.

Socialising with friends

Like attracts like. You and your friends are likely to share similar hobbies and social activities, be that meals out or drinking in the pub. Whether you have a small or large group of friends you are likely to feel pressure to conform to whatever the group is doing. If you have a group of friends that like to go running or hiking then they are likely to be able to offer you a lot of support. If your friends like to get drunk and eat kebabs you might have a more challenging time.

You could try suggesting group activities that do not revolve around eating and drinking, you could invite your friends to come around and cook a healthy meal for them. You could go to the pub with your friends and drink diet soft drinks but be prepared for peer pressure and a high chance of being persuaded to drink! (You could opt to be designated driver to prevent this issue.)

If all the above fails then be prepared to give up socialising for a week or two if it means that you can give your healthy eating regime a good start. Your future health is worth the sacrifice of a few nights out!


The office biscuit tin has probably done more damage to people's good intentions that almost anything else. Your best chance to avoid this fatal snacking pitfall is to bring your own snacks to work to prevent yourself getting too hungry and to explain to your colleagues as politely as possible that you are trying to keep to a healthy eating plan and that you would prefer not to be offered any snacks.

Avoid work canteens and bring your own lunch to work if they do not offer healthy options.

If you need some nutritional advice and want to do some personal training sessions to make the most of your results please call or email me today.

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