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Waiting for my Apotheosis...

Hey folks, it's your friendly neighbourhood, neurodivergent personal trainer, John, here. Today is the day that I started taking my ADHD medication. I was secretly hoping that I would sprout wings of fire or my eyes would start to glow but so far, it doesn't really feel that different, except perhaps, that I am typing this blog post when I have put off doing this task for many weeks...

Whether or not you have ADHD, like me, it can be very easy to put things off, especially when it comes to important self-care tasks. We often think, "I need to lose weight" or "I need to work on getting fitter" but it can be daunting to put those thoughts into action when we see the long road stretching ahead and imagine the effort we'll need to invest.

Indira Gandhi said “Nothing that is worthwhile is ever easy.” but that doesn't mean you have to set out to make things really difficult for yourself.

When it comes to change, a softly softly approach is often best. You could start by adding a tiny bit of exercise to your day, maybe a ten minute walk around the block or jumping on the exercise bike that you bought several years ago that is doing it's best impression of a clothes horse in the corner of the bedroom.

Small changes consistently applied can reap enormous benefits. When one small change has become imbedded in your routine, you can try another, and before you know it the overwhelming task is halfway done.

My ADHD meds might not transform my life over night but hopefully, with a few small changes here and there, I can start moving in the right direction and you can too.

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