I am a young at heart fifty-something and I have always been quite active but in the last year, I realised I had put on quite a lot of weight. John and I had a consultation and set some goals, and he trained me twice a week for three months. I smashed my goals and have lost several kilos as well as many inches from my waist. I got my figure back and feel much healthier and happier, I feel ten years younger! I am now approaching the end of my second 3 month training programme.

Bridget Melikian, Tonbridge

I started to train with John to get my fitness up for my karate training. Not only has my overall fitness improved but I really enjoy the physical challenge every week! Having a personal trainer makes exercise motivation so much easier. I would highly recommend Johnto both beginners and the more experienced.

Joe Coster, Tonbridge

I've been training with John for three months now and I'm fitter, healthier, more toned and less 'fatty' and I'm now starting phase 2 of my training where we start upping the ante. John puts together a tailored plan to suit your goals and circumstances, and I'm really enjoying seeing the results!

Richard Salvidge, West Malling

When I first started PT with John my main interest was in improving my fitness so that I could play with my kids without getting knackered out. I wasn't bothered about losing weight but I have got slimmer and I am fitter and stronger. I used to get worn out walking uphill but I now I go mountain biking and I'm able to be more active when I'm out with my boys.

Ken Waghorn, Speldhurst


Maidstone, Kent, UK

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